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  • Eligibility 5+ Years
  • No. of Level 3
  • Duration 3 Months Per Level
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Instruction Medium English
  • Student/Teacher Ratio 12:1
  • Materials Provided
Course Description

Behavioural studies prove that students who are introduced into Robotics in their foundational years will naturally cultivate a flair for engineering and associated fields. Our Robotics experts will make sure that the students realize and implement the potential application of engineering and technical knowledge in their real life. According to the aptitude of students, the classes are arranged in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Basic Robotics

In the basic level, Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits are used and the programming language used here is Scratch, which is a very interactive language.
Number of levels: 4
Age category: 5-12

Intermediate Robotics

The robot program application used in the Intermediate level is Rogic, which is provided by ROBOROBO. Students will master easy programming methods and comprehend basic concepts of coding and various movements through Rogic Program.
Number of levels: 5
Age category: 7-18

Advanced Robotics

The kits used in the advanced level are run by Arduino, a leading open-source platform that design and manufacture state-of-the-art interactive kits across the global market. Real circuits are used to build robots and the programming language used here is C.
Number of levels: 5
Age category: 12+

Weighing the Benefits
  • Enhances practical thinking and problem solving abilities of the learner.
  • Generates in the learner a natural interest in STEM fields.
  • In the process of learning, children will also familiarize themselves with certain basic modules such as buzzers, nuts, bolts, motors and sensors.
  • We make use of graphical aids to prompt commands, which means that the commands are driven by unique symbols that can further be used to form sequences.
  • We provide separate kits for each learner to facilitate effective learning.
  • The course will be an intellectual training for the learner that would eventually boost their IQ level.