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  • Eligibility 5+ Years
  • No. of Level 8
  • Duration 3 Months Per Level
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Instruction Medium English
  • Student/Teacher Ratio 10:1
  • Materials Provided
Course Description

Originally conceived and practiced by the Chinese nearly 2500 years ago, Abacus training is now popular in most of the Asian countries since it has been recognized as a substantial brain development apparatus. As per scientific studies conducted earlier, children who pursue abacus training appear to develop a form of mental abacus in their mind while doing complex calculations. Consequently, this makes mental calculation extraordinarily rapid and accurate.

Why Cardiff ? The Best Abacus Training Center

At Cardiff, our trained professionals work in tandem with the child’s cognitive abilities. Live demonstrations help broaden the child’s visualizing capacity and it also stimulates integral functioning of the brain. Additionally, enriched vision and lateral thinking contribute to the wholesome cognitive development of the child as well. It has also been found that children who begin their training in abacus since their formative years have later developed remarkable expertise in logic and reasoning.

Weighing the Benefits
  • Helps to develop hand-eye coordination which is a prerequisite skill in sports and related activities.
  • Enhances the listening capacity of the learner.
  • Helps to acquire photographic memory and auditory skills.
  • Enhances the concentration span of the child.
  • Enables the learner to solve complex arithmetic problems in quick time.
  • When kids operate the beads of the Abacus, coordination between the brain and the hands stimulate their brain’s right and left hemispheres, which results in maximizing the capacity of the right-brain.
  • Learning becomes fun!