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Vedic Maths


  • Eligibility 11+ Years
  • No. of Level 3
  • Duration 3 Months Per Level
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Instruction Medium English
  • Student/Teacher Ratio 10:1
  • Materials Provided
Course Description

All the problems in modern mathematics can be solved using shortcuts with the help of sixteen sutras and thirteen sub-sutras in Vedic math. The principle underlying the Vedic matrix is that numbers form symmetrical shapes, when connected. Thus, by making mathematics largely interdisciplinary and versatile, the Vedic system speaks a multicultural language which would deconstruct traditional math’s obsession with “prescribed solutions”. Also, by virtue of coherence and arithmetic integration into sutras, sub- sutras and its corollaries; the Vedic system catalyzes mental computation in the most efficient manner.

Weighing the Benefits
  • Makes mental computation extraordinarily efficient and simple.
  • Familiarizes the learner with ancient Indian culture and prompts him/her to respect neighboring cultures.
  • Blends intuition and innovation by facilitating linked learning.
  • Boosts memory and enhances self-confidence.
  • Makes learning engaging by the use of lines, patterns, dots and certain shapes.
  • Enables the learner to solve problems quickly in real-time situations.
  • Integrates mathematics with creativity and thereby eradicates math-phobia.
  • Changes the child’s preoccupied notion about mathematics and enables him/her to identify links and establish connections between different branches of math.
  • Helps in laying down a strong foundation in Mathematics.