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Rubics Cube Solving


  • Eligibility 5+ Years
  • No. of Level NA
  • Duration 3 Months
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Instruction Medium English
  • Student/Teacher Ratio 12:1
  • Materials Provided
Course Description

At Cardiff, we help kids tackle the riddles and mysteries around problem solving with the help of a Rubik’s cube. Once your kid masters the art and science of cubing, you will witness an incredible change in his/her mental disposition. And our most professional tutors will ensure that your kid gets the experience of a lifetime!

Weighing the Benefits
  • In several ways, cubing supplies a model for how learning should advance: children, through hard work, are encouraged to solve the problem by breaking it down into steps. It teaches them how true mastery can only be achieved through consistent practice.
  • Solving the cube can help tackle mild addictions by keeping the learner’s hands and mind equally engaged.
  • The cube is an incredible tool that would enhance the child’s spatial awareness. For the learner is not merely memorizing a solution, but learning how to recognize and handle 3-D objects.
  • Rubik’s cube solvers work very quickly.
  • Once the kid becomes proficient at cubing, then their memory takes over and they do the solving automatically. Once something becomes automatic, it gets stored in our long-term memory and the learner can use that information on later occasions to solve problems effectively.
  • • Cubing enhances the learner’s muscle memory. In the operation of several day-to-day activities like typing on keyboards, entering PIN numbers, riding bicycles etc., the usage of muscle memory is vital.