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Language Training


  • Eligibility Kids : 4+ Years
    Adults : 18+ Years
  • No. of Level NA
  • Duration 3 Months
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Instruction Medium NA
  • Student/Teacher Ratio 12:1
  • Materials Provided
Course Description

Speaking a new language can free you from your natural inhibitions since different languages work differently. While some languages foreground the accent, some give importance to intonation and gestures. So, it is a known fact that acquisition of a new language is a voyage to self-discovery. Also, language learning is vital in securing that dream job of yours in a much more stimulating environment in your dream destination. At Cardiff, we do not burden our learners with dry grammar and complex principles. Our trainers are equipped to introduce you to the world of languages with our unique teaching-learning techniques.

Spoken English

Knowing English will maximize your travel and business opportunities along with shaping your understanding of the world. Employers always look for people who are fluent in English since it’s the language that’s spoken worldwide and therefore the probability of getting hired by the employer is relatively very high if your communication skills are great. We are providing intensive classes in spoken English with our deftly customized materials. The classes are divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Spoken French

French, which is one of the most influential languages in the world, is very easy to master if you are trained by the best in the business. We are proud to announce that our institute is replete with native French teachers who are adept at imparting their expertise to the budding talents. French is also an analytical language that fosters thought and encourages rational thinking, which is an important skill for group discussions. The modules are evenly arranged and customized notes will also be provided.

Spoken Arabic

This is a great opportunity for the kids as well as the adults to know and appreciate the rich Arab culture. Learning Arabic enables the learners to comprehend life in the Middle East, by familiarizing themselves with the unique Arab literature, art and music. Our most efficient panel of native teachers monitor the sessions by first teaching the alphabet, and over the sessions, the learners will be equipped to easily handle the language and relate everyday occurrences in Arabic. The language is taught with the aid of short stories and stimulating puzzles to make the sessions captivating to the core.

Spoken Hindi

One of the fascinating facts about Hindi is that it is a phonetic language, or the words in Hindi are pronounced as they are written. To put it simply, once you have memorized the alphabet, it is very easy to pronounce the words properly. Our most experienced tutors have designed the course in a realistic fashion so that it would enable the learner to use the language in real life circumstances where knowing Hindi becomes vital. Regular quizzes and revision exercises make sure that the learners will not forget what they learn.

Spoken Urdu

Once you master Hindi, we highly recommend you to study Urdu as well, since both are strikingly similar languages, as far as the spoken word is concerned. Additionally, mastering more than two languages can not only assist you in improving your work prospects, but it will also improve your grasping potential and ability to multitask. Cardiff institute is offering interactive sessions of the highest quality and after the completion of the course, the learners will be able to speak Urdu effectively.

Spoken Malayalam

This course is exclusively designed for those who are struggling to speak Malayalam, which is the native language of Kerala. Our proficient tutors−who are also native Keralites−guarantee an unparalleled and unmatched experience for your kids. We start with flashcards and memory sticks to aid children in remembering the Malayalam words and their meanings effortlessly. Engaging games and lively activities are also part of the course. The classes are divided into three different levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

Spoken Tamil

Tamil language is a storehouse of interesting expressions and incalculable words. It is important to know that Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world. To fathom the legacy of such an invaluable culture, one must begin from the roots. In this regard, we provide realistic examples of how things work out while teaching the language and our most efficient panel of experts focus on student-centered learning and guarantee individual guidance.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Are you in search for the top IELTS training center in Abu Dhabi? Now, we are providing the best coaching for aspirants in correspondence with global standards. If you wish to work or study abroad, proving your expertise in English language is an imperative in securing a visa. Language proficiency is key to career growth, and is widely regarded as a prized asset along with other qualifications for any job. During immigration procedures, most of the government agencies consider the applicants’ IELTS score as a yardstick to gauge their language proficiency. Cardiff Group is the best institute in Abu Dhabi to provide coaching in IELTS. Our seasoned panel of English experts are well-qualified, experienced and proficient enough to enhance the prospects of any candidate who wishes to clear IELTS. We offer both the general and the academic version of the IELTS course.

Weighing the Benefits
  • Interactive learning activities are arranged by keeping in mind that the candidates can practice skills and strategies in a lively environment.
  • Our test materials consist of a wide-ranging set of audio and video files, which would give the candidates an enhanced learning experience.
  • Giving individual attention is our supreme priority and we use all the available modern-day techniques to safeguard the success of each and every candidate.
  • We promote result-oriented training mechanisms.
  • The candidates will get a widely-recognized certification after the completion of the course.