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  • Eligibility 5+ Years
  • No. of Level 2
  • Duration 3 Months
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Instruction Medium English
  • Student/Teacher Ratio 10:1
  • Materials Provided
Course Description

A good style of handwriting should be cultivated for two major reasons in general: 1) it helps to carve a positive personality 2) it will add clarity to the way an individual thinks. The way one writes reflects his personality and also his state of mind. Sensing the need, we are providing classes in handwriting for your kids. At Cardiff, we believe that inculcation of a good habit demands attention and this is the exact juncture where our experienced tutors deliver their best!

Weighing the Benefits
  • Good handwriting always impacts the reader and it does have a positive effect on the grades of the students.
  • A good writing style reflects the clarity of thoughts of the child.
  • In the course of learning the nuances of a good writing style, some kids are quick while others take a bit time to learn. We acknowledge that each individual is unique and regardless of such individual differences, we believe in collective growth. Our unique grass-root level techniques help us analyze the cause of the problems and rectify it in the most efficient manner.
  • Cultivating a neat style of writing also demands great care and patience from the kids. In effect, good handwriting enables the student to think through the details and hence develop razor sharp observation skills.